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Never mind, pay us a visit at to see how you can start making your own awesome games, no experience or programming knowledge required!

About the Game

Time to go cave diving with Dave! Collect three hearts and make it to the exit to win the board, How many boards can you play? Don’t forget to collect as many coins as possible! Play levels created by other users or make and submit your own.
Controls: & to Walk Shift to Jump
Made in two weeks using Clickteam Fusion and the HTML5 exporter, this web app connects server side to store user levels and download them. User can also share their levels via social media! Read below for how to play...

How to Play

Use the mouse to select tilesand place them on the grid. Each level needs three heartsand one exit doorto be playable. Use the arrow keys or the on screen d-padto scroll the play area. Right clicking the menu or pressingwill allow you to toggle the item selection dialog and also provide a area to add your level name and author name!

Pressingwill allow you to test your level. Look for unique combinations of tiles for hidden effects that can make for interesting gameplay opportunities. When you play test if you can beat the level and are happy with it you can upload it for others to play. Including your email will allow us to contact you should you win the contest.

Don’t forget to share your level via Facebook & Twitter, to increase the number of unique plays of your level. The highest number of unique plays at the end of the Steam Summer Sale wins!
In play mode you can play two ways. If you visit the site without a social media referral it will cue up random levels for you to play. Play each level by collecting all three hearts and then make it to the exit.

How long can you play? If you visit the game via a social media share link, the first level you play will be the level designed by the poster. Make sure to share the link if you like the level.